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Artisans by Garima chose to curate products from these brands as they work directly with the artisans, creating a livelihood for them. They work towards creating awareness about the rich heritage of Indian handloom and handicrafts, bringing recognition and returns to traditional artisans for their unique skills for handloom development in select lesser-known clusters of Assam, Nagaland, Odisha, and Andhra Pradesh. 


Nilima Kaibarta is an Artisan Entrepreneur from the South Kamrup region of the Indian state of Assam. The North-Eastern part of India has a distinct culture of its own, and Nilima does a wonderful job of translating this right culture onto the fabrics she weaves on her loom!

She has been weaving since a very young age and over the years, she has gathered an expertise in the natural dyeing process of Eri Silk! Her handwoven stoles and scarves set her a class apart with beautiful extra weft designs that would look no less than heirloom pieces!

She also weaves products of Muga Silk. Muga Silk is available only in India and is often referred to as Golden Fibre!

Having joined the Antaran Program - an initiative of Tata Trusts, she is excited to see her products travel across the globe, leaving a lasting impression of her and her 15 Associate Artisans among craft lovers world-wide, through her brand - Nilima Handloom!

Ethical | Naturally Dyed | Woman Empowered | Artisan Made

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