Dhyana Cork Yoga Mat

Dhyana Cork Yoga Mat

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A soothing green shade of naturally sourced virgin cork and rubber sap, The JURU mats provide unmatched grip guarantee while practicing and avoid injuries caused due to slipping when sweating.

Size : 6ft x 2ft , 3mm thick.

Color: Shade of green and brown 

Material: Cork and natural rubber mat. Each mat comes with a brown cotton mat sling.

Please note since all our products are handmade and handcrafted, no two pieces will be the same. There will be a slight variation in color or texture.

Gianna Yoga, Arizona, US 
Looking for just the right thickness and proper stick in a mat can be quite challenging but the Juru mat withstood the test. With the perfect thickness and stick for my vinyasa practice, it has an earthy feel making it easy to ground and stay present during the flow of movement and the stillness of asana.  
1. What are the mats made of? 

A - The mats are made using a unique blend of cork and natural rubber. Delivering innovative, comfortable, and trending, eco-friendly yoga mats, props, and accessories made from unique and sustainable resources like cork, jute, natural rubber, cotton, etc., for yoga lovers across the globe.

2. Are the mats natural? 

A - Yoga mat and accessories are free of toxins and PVC and are all-natural. 

3. How to care for the product? 

A - Can be easily washable with water and wiped down with a dry cloth. 

4. What are the best features of the mats? 

A - The mats are : 

  • Anti-slip
  • All-natural
  • Good grip 
  • Reversible
  • Antimicrobial 
  • Light and foldable 
  • Odorless

5. Are the mats sustainable? 

A - The mats are eco-friendly, sustainable, and recycled. They are long-lasting and free of toxins. 

Product Attributes: cork mats, mats, recycled, sustainable

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